Friday, July 23, 2010

US Space & Rocket Center

Daddy rode with Kerry so Mom and I took Grace and Zachary to the US Space & Rocket Center.  It was so hot that we couldn't stand to spend anytime outside.  We first toured the Davidson Center for Space Exploration which is home to the Saturn V.  We learned about Huntsville's role in the making of the moon rocket, the space race, the Apollo missions, the Space Shuttle program and the International Space Station.  We rode the Mars Mission Simulator which was a blast!  And of course we couldn't leave without stopping at the museum store and getting a souvenir.
Apollo 16
This spacecraft was the Command Module for the next to last lunar mission, Apollo 16.  The Command Module is the only part of the huge Saturn V rocket that made the entire journey from launch to splash down.  It survived 5000 degree temperatures upon re-entry as evidenced by the charred heat shield.  The crew named this Command Module Casper.
Grace & Zach in the Apollo Command Module Simulator

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