Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Zachary...Again!

Kerry and her girls drove over today to spend the week with us.  We went to Mill Street Deli, one of our favorite places to eat when we are at Mom and Dad's, then came home and celebrated Zachary's birthday.  We had balloons, cake and lots of presents!  The theme this time appeared to be Toy Story and he got almost all of the "Toy Story" toys and had an awesome Buzz and Woody cake.  
Allie and Grace
Zach and Paw
There is a story behind this picture.  Grace wanted to take a picture so I gave her the camera so she could take one of Kerry and me.  Each one she would take was either blurry because she would move the camera as she pressed down the button or our heads would be really small at the bottom of the picture and there would be tons of wall and background above us.  We got so tickled trying to explain to her where to focus on so she would get a good picture.  We finally got this one and after some cropping, it turned out to be okay.
Zachary waiting patiently to open all of his presents....
Nana and Paw gave each of the girls a small present too so they would not be left out.
And it was makeup for the girls!  Oooh la la!
Allie and Grace after their makeovers with their new makeup.

Happy Birthday Zachary.....Again! 
 Thank you Nana and Paw for making his birthday celebration extra special!

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