Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cathedral Caverns State Park

In all the times that we have been to Alabama to visit Mom and Dad (aka Nana and Paw), we have never gone to Cathedral Caverns State Park, which is only about 30 miles away.  Kerry has been a few times and thought it might be something that Grace and Zachary would enjoy doing so we all went today (everyone except for Mark who was at work and Paw who just didn't think he wanted to go).  

The kids got to go gem mining which was fun for the first few minutes but it was so miserably hot and we were standing out in the blazing sun sloshing some dirt through muddy water to get out bits of rocks.  Zachary got tired of doing it after a few minutes and went to sit with Nana in the shade so guess who had to finish doing his?  Yep, you got it...yours truly.  But Hannah did help me so we could get done quicker.  Thanks Hannah!

After we were finished gem mining, it was time for our tour so we met the rest of the group at the entrance to the caverns.  I've been to a couple of other different caverns and they don't all seem to be much different.  This one did not have different colors like some of the caverns that I've been to but it was still pretty amazing!  It's a good thing that Paw did not go though because it was a LONG hike into the cavern and a LONG hike back out.  We were all exhausted by the time we got back to the entrance and allot dirtier than when we went in.  It was dark in the cavern so you really couldn't see what you were walking through.  I knew that we went through some puddles and I could feel what I thought was just plain water splashing up on the backs of my legs but plain water it was not.  When we got out into the daylight we could see that the backs of our legs and MY shorts were covered with grey sediment.   Needless to say, after about 5 washes, my shorts are considered ruined.  Oh well....thank goodness they were some old ones!

It was fun though and I'm glad we went.  

The first thing you notice about Cathedral Caverns is the massive entrance. The huge opening measures 126 feet wide and 25 feet high. And it gets even better. Inside the cavern, you will find Big Rock Canyon, Mystery River and some of the most beautiful formations Mother Nature has ever created. Among them, you will see Stalagmite Mountain, The Frozen Waterfall and Goliath, a huge stalagmite column that reaches the ceiling of the cave some 45 feet above!

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Jessica said...

Wow! You are literally miles from where I am. I've never been to Cathedral Caverns, either. It looks as though you all had fun, even if it was miserably hot!