Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Good Day

We have been staying up very late every night playing dominoes, talking and laughing which means we have also been sleeping late in the mornings.  When we did finally get ready this morning we took some family pictures before heading out.
It is so hard to get Grace and Zachary to take a good picture these days.  This was the best I could get after several tries with them. 
Mom and Dad with the grand kids

Before I had even left North Carolina, I told Kerry some different places where I wanted to go and eat while I was there.  One of those places was the Main Street Cafe in Madison.  I had been there once before and it was sooooo good and we went there today for lunch.  It is located in what was Madison's third City Hall which housed two jail cells, the fire engine and offices for the police chief and his deputy.  We ate in one of the jail cells which still has bars on the windows.  They are known for their strawberry pretzel salad/dessert and it was delicious as always!
After lunch we went to Sci-Quest Hands On Science Center and the kids had a blast.  We finished the day with a little shopping, dinner at Kerry's and then took the kids to the pool.  It was another good day!

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