Monday, June 7, 2010

Zach's Game and Water Day

Zachary's class had a Game and Water Day today at school.  They went out to the garden during lunch and had a picnic lunch then they played all sorts of games - they did sack races, bubbles, Frisbee golf, hula hopped and of course, played in the sprinkler and kiddie pool.  I think they all had the most fun when Mrs. Rutledge's husband, Bob, said "oh no, don't get me wet" in a voice that said, "come on kids, give me what you've got" so they all started splashing him with water and then he would spray them.  They all were soaked but had a blast!  We ended the day and cooled off with drinks and ice cold watermelon.  Thanks Mrs. Rutledge, Mrs. Miller and to the Mom's who got everything together for a fun day!

Zach's crocs kept sticking to the sack and would cause him to trip and fall.

Connor, Zach, Ellie and Wathen
Zach and me
Zach hit the bulls eye!

Zach and Andrew
Bob spraying the kids...
The kids splashing Bob!
Zach, Abigail, Ellie and Mia
Mrs. Rutledge and Mrs. Miller with their boys

Mrs. Rutledge and Mrs. Miller with their girls

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