Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zachary Celebrates His Birthday Walt Disney Style

We left today out of Wilmington flying to Orlando to go to Disney World for a couple of days.  Flying on Allegiant was a great experience!  Wilmington is a very nice, small airport where the people are friendly and Allegiant flies into the Orlando/Sanford Airport which is also small.  No complaints whatsoever about our flight.  Once we landed, we headed to the Hertz counter to pick up our rental car that we had reserved.  We just got the cheapest option we could and didn't feel the need to upgrade.  When we got to "our" car though, we were all quite amused!  It was one of the smallest cards we had ever seen and definitely the smallest car we had ever ridden in.  Dave wasn't even sure if our suitcase would fit in the back or not but fortunately it did.   

This was our car... an itsy bitsy Toyota Yaris.

Once we got in our itsy bitsy Toyota Yaris, we were on our way to the magical world of Walt Disney!  We went directly to the Pop Century Resort where we checked in, unloaded our luggage and then headed to Epcot.  We rode a few rides before going to Morocco for dinner.  The great thing about celebrating a birthday at Disney is that you don't just celebrate your birthday once; you celebrate it over and over again!  They give you a pin that says "Happy Birthday (Your Name)" and you wear that everywhere you go.  Cast members all over are wishing you a Happy Birthday right and left.  And then when you have dinner reservations, they know that you are celebrating your birthday so you are always treated to something special at the end of every meal!  Tonight, after a delicious Moroccan meal, Zachary celebrated his birthday Moroccan style.  Our waiter put his hat on him while they sang a Moroccan Happy Birthday song and gave him Baklava and traditional Moroccan pastries.  Mmmmm......Yummy!  After dinner, we walked around Epcot some more, rode a few more rides, had a telephone conservation with Goofy in  America and then went back to Pop Century and crashed.  It was definitely a good first day at Disney!

One of the cast members in America saw Zachary's birthday button and told him that she had a special person wanting to talk just to him.  She got him on the phone and at the other end was Goofy wishing him a Happy Birthday!

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Amber said...

How fun!!!! I bet that will be his best birthday ever!!!!

We ate at that same resturant. It was so fun. We had a belly dancer and Isabel got up there and tried to belly dance with her.

Glad you guys had a great time!!!