Saturday, June 12, 2010

The US vs. England in the World Cup

Dave has been so excited about the World Cup for months now.  The build-up, the anticipation, all those soccer games!  He's going to be in heaven!  Today was the BIG day - The U.S. opens against England in Rustenburg, the teams' first World Cup match up since the Americans' 1-0 victory at the 1950 tournament in Brazil.  This was a big game for us.  We had talked about having a World Cup party for months but with Dave and I both being the procrastinators we are, we didn't plan for it very well or well-enough in advance.  We just decided to go ahead and do it at the last minutes and sent out the invites the middle of this week.  We decided to just keep it simple with pizza and wings.  People started arriving shortly after 1 p.m. and the game started at 2:30.  We just hung out and talked and ate for awhile before kick-off.  People came and went and we all had a great time watching the game.  

England scored pretty early on, in the fourth minute to be exact, which was a little disappointing but then the US scored in the 40th minute in a goal that England's goalkeeper is going to be getting grief about for a very long time.  If you missed it, you can check it out here.  It's great to watch!

Grace and Zachary ready for the game!

Hanging around...

...waiting on everyone to arrive.

Jill and Annette

Everybody watching the game

Craig, Yolanda, Olivia and Rob
Annette and Rob
Dave's boss, Col Woodward, Janine Garner and Janine's husband
Annette and Ellis O'Day

The US just scored!!!!

And we tied the game 1-1

We all had a great time.  Most everyone left right after the game was over but our friends, Kim and Brett Giordano stayed (actually Kim wasn't able to come until after the game was over) with their two boys and my good friend Stacy and her kids came over after the game.  We all hung out until about 9 or so when the fun came to a stop when Grace and Zach collided and Grace's front tooth went into Zach's forehead.  He had a nice puncture wound and a good bit of blood but he didn't need stitches.  Needless to say, it was time for everyone to go home and to get our kids in the bath and bed.

Thanks everyone for coming over and watching the game with us.  What a fun day!

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