Saturday, June 5, 2010

Magic Kingdom

Well, let me start by saying that Dave most definitely was not dehydrated yesterday but does have food poisoning.  He woke up at some point during the middle of the night and was so sick.  I felt so bad for him and there wasn't much I could do except get him some water and a cold wash cloth and just be there for him.  It's not like being sick isn't bad enough, but to be sick while on vacation, away from home and in a motel room.  That's just miserable!  We were up for most of the night it seemed but since today was our last day, the kids and I went ahead and got ready to go to Magic Kingdom.  We decided to go and have a late breakfast first and bring Dave back something to see how he would feel after eating a bit.  And at first, he thought it helped but then, not so much.  

So, Grace, Zachary and I headed to Magic Kingdom without Dave.  I rented a stroller so that it would be easier to keep up with the two of them and I didn't bring them camera with me because that was just something else I didn't want to keep up with.  So, the few pictures that I did take today were taken with my iPhone and are not great quality.
Today was super hot and Magic Kingdom was what I consider to be very crowded.  I decided that would just ride whatever rides the kids wanted to as we came to them so the Jungle Cruise was our first ride.  I love that ride anyway.  Those are my kind of jokes.  

After the Jungle Cruise, we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, and Thunder Railroad.  For whatever reason, Grace and Zachary didn't want to ride Splash Mountain which has always been one of their favorite rides!  I don't know if it was because Dave wasn't with us or what but the one time that I didn't mind getting wet because it was soooo hot, they didn't want to ride!  

Dave decided that he would meet us and he came a little before our dinner reservation.  He still didn't feel well though so we just took it kind of easy and went to see Mickey's Philharmagic and ride It's a Small World before going to Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner where we celebrated Zachary's birthday once again!  The dinner was delicious and Dave was hungry which was a good sign but he probably over did it because he didn't feel so great afterwards.

We rode the boat over to Tom's Sawyer's Island to let the kids run around and play but they didn't have long before the island closed.  Dave was ready to head back to the hotel and said we could stay if we wanted but the kids wanted to go to the pool again so we all headed back.

I took the kids to the pool and the Sprinkler pad while Dave rested and then we all called it a pretty early night.  I was exhausted by this point.  Goodnight Mickey!

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