Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Day of School...Last Day of School!

Today was the last day of school and since it was a Wednesday, I went in as normal to volunteer, which today consisted mostly of moving things from one classroom to another.  Evidently there are going to be several changes next year so lots of teachers are switching rooms so I helped move things.

On a sad note, we just found out yesterday that Mrs. Orr, one of the art teachers is retiring after 36 years of teaching.  Grace has had Mrs. Orr for three years now and has done some of the most beautiful artwork in her class.  For some reason, Zachary didn't have her this year and now he is going to miss out on having this fabulous teacher.  Because it was the end of the year and she was retiring, Grace and I gave her a small gift along with a thank you card and a picture of an owl that Grace drew for her.  She is a fantastic teacher and I will always treasure the artwork that Grace brought home from her class.  
Grace with Mrs. Orr

Zachary loved his teacher, Mrs. Rutledge this year also.  He told me this afternoon that he was going to miss Mrs. Rutledge and that he wished he could have her again next year in first grade.

Grace had Mrs. Snyder this year and she also was a fabulous teacher!  She did so much with the kids and it is so obvious that she loves to teach and she loves the children she teaches.  Grace was very fortunate to have her for 2nd grade and hopefully, Zach will be as lucky as well. 

She loved the Thirty-One Gifts bag we gave her!
Amelia, Anna, Grace and Maria
The last three days of school, Grace's class did all fun stuff.  Monday was Game and Puzzle Day and the kids all were able to bring their favorite games to play.  Tuesday was Tech Day and they could bring their DS's, iPods or things like that.  Today was Movie and Jammie Day.  They got to wear their pajamas and bring their sleeping bags and snacks and they had a great day watching movies and just chilling out.  I helped Mrs. Rutledge pack up some of her classroom and then I helped Mrs. Snyder move things from her old classroom to her new classroom.

Amelia, Bode, Grace, Ziedler and Peter

Carly and Grace - Grace was so excited to see Carly, who had moved to Fayetteville on May 15th.  Erin and the girls came back to Lejeune for just a couple of days and they stopped by the school so Carly could see all her friends.

Bode, Maria, Carly and Grace

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