Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grace's 2nd Grade Graduation Practice

We decided to plan a spur of the moment Disney trip.  Grace has celebrated her birthday down at Disney a couple of times now but Zachary never has.  We knew that Star Wars Week was going on at Disney Studios so we thought it would be fun to go down and celebrate Zach's birthday.  We had also heard about a direct flight on Allegiant Airline from Wilmington to Orlando and decided to check that out.  Their prices were amazing!  We were able to get tickets for the four of us for only $455!  The only bad thing was that there wasn't much flexibility with the dates, especially if we wanted to be there for all the Star Wars events that were going on.  We would have to fly out on Thursday, June 3rd and fly back on Sunday June 6th and if we did that, Grace would miss her 2nd grade graduation.  So, we before we purchased the tickets or made any reservations, we talked to Grace and Zachary and told them about what we might do and asked Grace if she minded if she missed her graduation.  We left it totally up to her and of course, she picked Walt Disney World!  Her only concern was whether or not she would get her little graduation dog that they were all getting and I assured her that she would.

Today, when I volunteered at school, I went and watched the Turtle Team practice their graduation.  Here is a video of the song that they sang and of Grace giving her graduation speech.  (Please scroll to bottom of page and pause the music player so that you aren't hearing both.)  And remember, this was just practice and they were still figuring some things out. 

I thought they all did such a great job and was so proud of Grace.  She wrote her speech all by herself so these were truly her thoughts and feelings.  After the classes sang their song, each 2nd grader was to get up and give their speech and then all the 2nd Graders names were called.  They went up one by one to get their diploma and then they were all going to line up and throw up their graduation caps.  Since this was just a practice, we faked Mrs. Snyder giving Grace her diploma and of course they didn't have their caps to throw in the air but at least I was able to see what the graduation would be like and tape Grace giving her speech.

Grace, we are so proud of you and the great job you have done this year!
Mrs. Snyder presenting Grace with her "diploma"

Mrs. Snyder's 2nd Graders - Maria, Bode, Grace, Emily, McKinley, Aiden and Peter

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