Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day...Relaxing...Boating with Friends

First of all, let me start off by saying Happy Father's Day to my husband, Dave, to my Daddy and to my Father-in-law.  My Daddy has always been such a good Daddy and I will always be his little girl.  He has always been there for me when I needed him, whether it was just to talk to, laugh with, confide in, cry on his shoulder or drive 12 hours to pick me up and turn right around and drive 12 more (which he has done more than once).  Whatever it is, I KNOW that I can rely on my Daddy to be there for me.  Thank you Daddy for being you, for being my friend and for being the wonderful Father that you have always been to me.

And now for Dave...Happy Father's Day sweetie!  You are such an amazing Daddy to Grace and Zachary.  I know sometimes they think you are the "meanie" but we all know how much  you love them and that you love them with all your heart and you ONLY want the very best for them.  You are loving, giving, caring, protective, tickler, fireman carrier, playmate, wrestler, teacher, provider, encourager and story reader.  You are EVERYTHING to both the kids and myself.  We all love you very much and hope you had a wonderful Father's Day.  

Now, you may be wondering how we spent our Father's Day, so let me tell you.
After opening up his present which was a USA soccer jersey, we brought Dave coffee in bed and then Grace and I cooked breakfast for him.  The rest of today was spent with some good friends of ours, Kim and Brett Giordano, who invited us to come out with them on their boat.  They picked us up at noon down at the O' Club dock and we headed out.  It was a scorcher of a day but the breeze we felt in the boat was wonderful!  We headed out towards Sneads Ferry to a little sandbar and dropped anchor there.  The kids all splashed and played and dug for clams and we found a whole bucket full of clams!  Kim and I also spent a little time digging for clams when we weren't relaxing.  Dave even had a nice little nap while we were out there and Zachary had one on the way back in.  We all got a little pinker than I would have liked but it was a fantastic day!  Thanks so much Kim and Brett for inviting us out with you.  We had a blast! 

Zachary said at one point, "All the grown up boys did was sit in the water and drink beer all afternoon." It was pretty funny the way it said it.

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Cherie said...

What a perfect day!! I love the picture of Grace holding the clams!!