Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Fear, Big Excitement, Big Day

Today was a big day for the kids.  This morning they started the Summer Enrichment program that the base schools offer and they were so nervous!  I kept telling them that I was sure they would know or recognize someone once they got there and that they were going to have so much fun!  Needless to say, they didn't really believe me and were so nervous and apprehensive that they made me nervous!  Once we got there, we immediately saw the Battavio's so there was a familiar face for both of them.  Unfortunately Grace and Mackenzie were not in the same class but Zachary and Brendon were.  Once we went in, we found their teachers and they were both so nice!  Grace has Ms. Pina and Zachary has Ms. Amos and they are going to be learning all about the Arts - music, dance and theater.  The classes are divided into K-1-2 and 3-4-5.  I stayed there with them for a little while during the opening program to make sure they were okay and then when they went to their classes, I left.   The program is from 9-12 and I  made sure I was there before noon.  When they came out, they were so excited and they both wanted to tell me how awesome it was and how much fun they had!  I loved it!  I was so happy that they enjoyed it and can't wait to go back tomorrow.

Not only was it their first day of Summer Enrichment, but it was also their first day of private swim lessons.  They each had a private 1/2 hour lesson and they did great!  They both loved the swim teacher and even though they were freezing and their teeth were chattering, they did everything Miss Dawn told them to do.  After it was all over, Miss Dawn said that she was so proud of Zachary and that by the end of his lesson, he was swimming by himself a little.  Grace needs to work on her strokes and her breathing but Miss Dawn said that her backstroke was amazing and that Grace needs to be on the swim team that she coaches with that amazing backstroke.

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Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Ah! summer swimming lessons. Great memories.