Friday, May 28, 2010

Spirit Week at JPS

This week was Spirit Week at JPS.  Monday was Pajama Day which Grace was not able to participate in because of her field trip but Zachary did get to wear his PJs to school.  Tuesday was Crazy Hair/Hat Day and they both wore these fun hats although I doubt they kept them on for very long.  Wednesday was Sports Day and they both wore soccer jerseys.  Thursday was inside out and backwards day.  The night before, they were both so excited to be able to wear their clothes inside out and backwards.  So, the next morning, I layed out their clothes and Zachary decided he didn't want to wear his shorts inside out and backwards after all; only his shirt.  Grace still wanted to do it all.  They get dressed and then Zachary changes his mind about his shirt and decides that he won't wear it inside out but will still wear it backwards.  About that time, Grace comes in the bathroom and doesn't like the way her shorts look and feel so she changes her shorts and wears them the correct way but keeps her shirt inside out and backwards.  Needless to say, by the time we left the house for school, they were both wearing their clothes the good ole fashioned way and didn't participate in Spirit Week on Thursday.  Today was Red, White and Blue Day and they both wore their JPS tie dye t-shirts but I forgot to get a picture.  Oh well.....

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