Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Last Gourmet Club

Today was our last Gourmet Club until we start back up in the fall.  We all met at Icehouse Waterfront Restaurant in Swansboro for a fabulously nice lunch.  We started off with delicious appetizers and wine while we mingled and chatted.  For lunch I had a tropical shrimp curry dish that was super yummy!  After lunch, Madeline said a few words and even got teary eyed before giving out some raffle prizes and our gifts.  For those of us who this was our first year in Gourmet Club, we each received a personalized OWC Gourmet Club apron and a bottle of homemade wine made by another Gourmet Club member, Dale Land.  Erin, Stacy and I were all so excited to get our aprons that we put them on right then and there to pose for a picture.  This has been allot of fun and I'm already looking forward to next year!


Jill, Erin, and Stacy

Our Goody Bags!


Stacy said...

I so love my apron! I swear, I got teary eyed just because I finally got one!!

Rob said...

What a cool thing to be a part of.