Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Thirty-One Gifts Open House!

Last month when Stacy and I were at a Thirty-One Gifts Party and I was asking questions and considering becoming a consultant, Stacy immediately volunteered to host my Open House for me if I decided to do it.  And she stayed true to her word!  We invited everyone ~ friends, acquaintances, neighbors, people from our Gourmet Club and Book Club, you name it, we invited them and this morning, Stacy opened up and welcomed us all into her beautiful home for my Open House.  She is definitely the "hostess with the mostest" and as always went above and beyond with her yummy food and drinks.  

We had a great turnout and even though I was very nervous, it was all good because I was with good friends.  We laughed and talked and ate and everyone shopped.  A couple of people had never heard of or been to a Thirty-One Gifts Party and they LOVED what they saw.  When everything was said and done we ended up having a $1200 show and a great Open House!  

I owe a HUGE "Thank You" to Stacy for hosting my Open House.  You are a great friend!  And thank you to all of my friends (and Stacy's) who came out to support me and my new business.  You all are the best!  
Stacy "in her element" and doing what she does best ~ Entertaining!

My display

I gave everyone a "$5 bill" for them to give to Stacy if they booked a show.  This is where Karen put hers right away and I thought it was too funny!

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