Monday, May 24, 2010

Grace's Field Trip to the Aquarium

Today was Grace's class field trip to the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium with the rest of the Turtle Team.  We loaded up on two buses and made the 45 minute drive there.  When we first got there, we were treated to a great presentation about alligators and the kids got to see and touch a real live alligator!  As soon as that was over, we all went to the Big tank and sat there for what seemed like forever just watching the fish and sharks and of course the sea turtle!  After a few minutes in the souvenir shop, we had our picnic lunch then went back to the aquarium to explore and see all the different marine life.  Everyone had a great time except by the time we got back on the bus to come home, I had a splitting headache.  The bus ride home didn't help any but we finally made it and I came straight home and went to bed.  Dave called at some point and when I told him, he volunteered to leave work early and pick up the kids from school.  And thank goodness for him!  He was a lifesaver.  He picked them up, kept them quiet and out of my way and let me sleep.  When I did get up, I didn't have the terrible shooting pain anymore, just what I call the "migraine hangover".  

Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Cramer

Amelia, Aiden, Grace, Maria and Emily

Maria, Grace and Emily

Peter, Aiden, McKinnley and Ziedler

Maria, Mrs. Snyder, Grace and Emily

They asked for an adult volunteer to embarrass so we all shouted out Mrs. Snyder's name.  She "became" an alligator and was a great sport!

The real live alligator that the kids got to touch

Emily, Bode, Jade and Grace

This was my group of girls that I was responsible for - Emily, Maria and Grace at the stingray tank

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