Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Celebration of Folk Music

Today, Zachary and the Frog Team performed in the "Celebration of Folk Music".  They sang Chase The Squirrel, Skip To My Lou and Looby Loo.  I told him this morning to make sure he could see me and that meant that I could see him.  I also told him to look at me and smile so I could get some pictures. As they were all lining up, he spotted me but then turned away.  Even his friends were trying to get him to look at me and smile but he just didn't want to do it.  Check out his look in the last picture when he finally did look my way.  He's such a stinker!  Maybe one day he will appreciate all the pictures that I take of them.  They were all so cute and did a great job!

Grace with her friends, Maria, Carly and Amelia waiting for the program to start

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