Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sweet & Sassy and The Melting Pot

Today Grace's Girl Scout Troop went to Wilmington to go to Sweet & Sassy and then to eat at The Melting Pot.  This was one of the trips that they chose to do with the money they made from cookie sales.  We all met at Sweet & Sassy at 12:15 and the girls got to pick music that they wanted to sing to and then they went backstage to change into their "rock star" outfits.  After they changed clothes, they had their hair done, a little make-up, their nails painted and a glitter stars applied.  They all looked gorgeous!

Once they were all dolled up, they got to strut their stuff on the runway.  They loved it!  Especially Ava - she put on a show for us.  It was hysterical!  They also got to dance and sing some Taylor Swift songs.  They had a blast and were so much fun to watch!

Grace, Carly and Ava

Getting changed into their outfits

Grace  Before

Grace During



Getting their nails painted

Ava, Grace, Madison and Carly

Zach was such a sport!  He hung out with the girls and me the entire time and just played his DS and watched them be silly.  He was sooooo good for me!

Ava Ellis


Best Friends - Ava and Grace

Carly Smith

Madison Jukkola

The girls with Mrs. Erin, their troop leader

Oooh la la!

Gia and me

Gia and Erin showing off their moves!

Kristian Dillon - Kristian and her family were in Washington DC on Spring Break and they got up VERY early this morning and drove back to make it for this party.  They were a little late but Kristian joined in on the fun as soon as they got there!

Grace and me

Ava and Gia

We had reservations at The Melting Pot for 2:00 so as soon as we were finished at Sweet & Sassy we walked over and had a delicious fondue meal.  My favorite parts are the cheese appetizers and the desserts.  I could totally just skip right over the main entree.  Dave joined us and I sat him between the kids since I had been with them all day and they were very excited to see him.

Zach, Dave and Grace

If you have never eaten at The Melting Pot, it is good but it is a lot of work.  It's a lot of work if you are only worrying about yourself but when you have kids that you are having to help with every single morsel that they put in their mouth, it can be a little tiring and annoying.  This was Dave about half way through our meal.

Zachary wanted to see the picture of Dave and he thought it was hilarious so he mimicked him.

Gia, Erin and me
Gia and me

Kristian's brother, Bryce and Zachary.  Bryce loved Zachary; he thought he was sooo funny!

After we finished eating, we went back to Sweet & Sassy for the girls to make lip gloss and shop since they didn't have time to do that when we were there before.

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Stacy said...

So very cute! You all are going to be in TROUBLE!! Especially by the looks of that picture where all the girls are standing between the curtains on the stage, lol!!

So fun! Next time, I'm going though!!!!