Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Out With the Old and In With the New

A few weeks ago, Gia and I were shopping and we saw this gorgeous pair of black Steve Madden heels.      I tried them on and fell in love with them.  I had never had a pair of heels like these and Gia said everybody needs a pair of black heels.  So, I bought them and brought them home and tried them on for Dave and he loved them too!  It was amazing how they made me feel - so feminine and confident.  But now I needed some new clothes to go with the new shoes.   Gia and I planned a shopping day and we went to Wilmington last Friday and spent ALL day long.  We spent 5 hours at Kohl's alone!  But we had so much fun.  I just let Gia go through and pick whatever she wanted and then we would take tons and tons of clothes to the dressing room for me to try on.  Some things we loved........ and some things we hated.  But I ended up leaving their with two HUGE bags of clothes.  This is a sampling of some of the things I purchased.  Aren't they cute?

Since I had so many new clothes, Gia came over one day during Spring Break and helped me purge my closet.  We got rid of so many things.  At first she was like, "how do I do this without hurting your feelings?" but I told her to not worry about it and that I wanted her to get rid of things for me.  She started on my shoes.  The look on her face when she pulled out some of my shoes; it was priceless.  After we had gone through all of my shoes, she started in on my closet.  I didn't realize how long I held on to some things.  So much was soooo out of style and I had not worn it in years!  Why did I still have it?  Why?  When we were all finished, Gia decided to try on some of the things that we were getting rid of and do a fashion show.  Now, on my behalf, I did NOT wear some of these together like she has on.  She just thought it was funnier this way.  But some of the things I did wear and when I saw them on Gia, I knew that if she didn't look good in them then there was NO way that I could have!  What was I thinking?

When it was all said and done, I got rid of 33 pairs of shoes, 23 sweaters, 8 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts, 4 skirts, 10 purses and 32 shirts.  Wow!


Stacy said...

Holy jinkies Jill!!! LOL That is a lot of clothes, lol!!

LOVE the new stuff! Especially the shoes. ;)

Birdie said...

I love a good spring clean & I love EVERYTHING you bought! So cute! What will we all do without Gia??

Name: The Bryant Family said...

What a great friend! Now, are you going to do a photo shoot fashion show of the new clothes?

Jen Powers said...

I love the new clothes and shoes! It looks like you and Gia had a great time. I enjoyed looking at the pictures...too funny! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Holy Wow! That is a lot to get rid of...but it makes lots of room for new stuff (always a plus :)) It looks like you had tons of fun!
Oh yes and way cute choices on the new clothes!

Giaellis2 said...

OMG! That was sooooooooooo much FUN! I'll be offering up my services soon called "Gia's Purge and Splurge" and charging by the hour ;) Who knew spending other's peoples $$ would be so fun AND playing dress up......on a REAL LIFE DOLL too!!! I had a blast JIll and that is one memory that I will hold on to forever (unless dementia kicks in)! Man, we laughed our butts off, huh? Good times.....good times! I LOVE all your new stuff (I especially love how you displayed the clothes on half body manequins! HA!) You look ADORABLE in everything we bought you, not to mention younger, sexier, flirty, fun, confident, etc. etc. I'm looking forward to FALL shopping in Savannah or Charleston with you and STOPPING you from buying your favs in EVERY color! :) That's why you love me Chica! MUAH! xoxo

Sophia's Mom said...

Holy moly that's a lot of shoes!
Be your friend Gia is such a sport for letting you snap pics of her and post them on your blog.

As for the new purchases, can I borrow those black shoes? I LOVE THEM!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog on my SITS Day! I hope you will stop by again soon.