Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mrs. Snyder's Class Goes to the Landfill

Mrs. Snyder's class along with the rest of the Turtle Team went on a field trip today to the Camp Lejeune Landfill.   Since Earth Day is coming up, they wanted to teach the kids the importance of recycling.  We boarded the bus at 9:00 a.m. and made the short trip to the landfill.  One of the teacher's aids husband, Mr. Hardiman, works there and he did a great job talking to the kids about recycling and the importance of it and what all different items could be turned back into.  It was actually quite interesting.  The kids got to do a bit of recycling themselves.  There was a pile of cardboard boxes so they each got to get a box and stomp on it to flatten it out, then they put it in the "cardboard only" dumpster.  After everyone had done this, we watched a truck pull up and empty the dumpster and then we walked over to the building where they unload it.  We watched the truck back up and unload all of that cardboard and it was a ton of it!  Next, the cardboard went up on the conveyer belt where it was flattened and then we saw it come out the other side in a bale and wrapped with wire.  We also got to see bales of aluminum cans and shredded paper.  

After we saw the process of recycling we made the steep climb to the top of the landfill.  We got to see the first phase of the landfill which had been covered over with a plastic tarp and dirt and now was covered in grass.  The 2nd phase is about to be covered and we got to see where the 3rd phase will be which will hopefully last for the next ten years.  The kids got to see and touch a very heavy truck that rolls back and forth over the garbage to flatten it and we learned that each night, the garbage is covered over in dirt to seal it.  

When we came back down from the landfill, we got to see all of the bales of cardboard loaded onto the bed of a truck.  So, not only did we learn about recycling but we got to see and participate in the entire process.

After the kids answered questions and were given out prizes, we got back on the bus and drove over to the recreation area at Hospital Point where we had picnic lunches and the kids got to play in the park.  It was a beautiful day to spend outside by the water.  

Thanks Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Cramer, Mrs. Flott and Mrs. Adams for a great learning field trip!

Grace and Carly on the bus.....

Grace, Carly and me.....
Mr. Hardiman teaching the kids about recycling....

Flattening out that cardboard.....

This was my group of girls that I was in charge of - Carly, Grace, Anna and Mia

Look at all that cardboard!

Zeidler, Bode, Aiden and Peter checking out the bale of shredded paper.....

Steep walk up to the landfill....
Almost to the top....

Mr. Hardiman showing the kids how the garbage is covered with a plastic tarp and then 3-4 feet of dirt goes on top.  The grass in the background is Phase 1 of the landfill.

Looking out at Phase 2

Grace, Aiden, Carly, Zeidler, Bode and Peter

Christopher, Zeidler, Bode, Grace, Carly, McKinnley, Jade and Peter 

We were all afraid we were going to get pooped on because there were so many birds flying around over the garbage.  This is the only time where it actually smelled bad.

View from the top of the landfill.  We were higher than the tops of  many trees.

Zeidler, Aiden, Maria, Emily, Lydia, Anna, Mia, Carly, Grace, Peter and Bode

McKinnley, Sara, Jade, me, Amelia, Devon and Christopher

Emily and Grace

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