Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend in DC

Last weekend I got a call from a friend who left me a voice mail saying to give her a call back because she had something that I might be interested in.  I called her back and she told me that she had four tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll and would we like them?  Of course, I said yes!  So, Dave and I immediately started planning our weekend.  His first thought was "I wonder if there is a DC United soccer game that weekend" and what do you know?  Their first game of the season was the Saturday night that we were going to be getting into town.  

We left Jacksonville Saturday around noon and arrived in DC that evening and went straight to RFK stadium.  We did not buy our tickets in advance so we had to stand in line at the ticket booth along with everyone else who didn't buy their tickets in advance for whatever reason.  We finally got our tickets, stopped off at the concession stand to get some sodas and hot dogs and made our way down to our seats which were fabulous!  I personally had more fun people watching than I did watching the game.  It was a fun night even though DC United lost 2-0.

View from our seats

Grace and Zachary enjoying their cotton candy

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