Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day at The National Zoo

We spent the day Sunday at the National Zoo.  Of all the times that we have been to DC, we've never gone to the zoo so the kids were very excited.  We saw pandas, lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, meerkats, toucans, all kinds of snakes and frogs and more!

I think everyone's favorite part of the day though was seeing the elephants.  When we first walked up, they were just doing their thing, eating some hay and walking about.  Then the elephant that you see on the bottom right decided to poop and it was a HUGE poop!  It was an elephant afterall.  But then he peed and it was like a hose on a fire truck!  We just all stared in amazement at the amount of pee that was gushing from this elephant!  Grace and Zachary couldn't believe it but neither could Dave or I.  It was amazing!  But then we continued to be amazed because after he was done and just walking around and doing his thing again, he still looked like this!  (See below)  It was as if he had a 2nd trunk.  And he stayed like that for forever!  That was definitely the most entertaining part of the day.

The cherry blossoms were gorgeous!

After the zoo, we had dinner at an Irish pub and it was terrible.  The food was terrible and the service was even worse.  Very disappointing!  We were all tired after dinner so we just went back to our hotel and Grace and Zachary got to dig into their Easter baskets and then hunt eggs.  They were both treated to lots of candy, a movie and new swimsuits!

Late night snack

Once we finally got them settled down for bed, they were both hungry so they had a pop-tart then it was off to lullaby land as we had a BIG day the next day!


Stacy said...

I am cracking up over the picture of you pointing at the elephant's 'trunk'. LOL!! Soooooo funny!

Shannon said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous!

Maureen said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun times for everyone.

Stopping by from SITS :)

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Love the Zoo!!! You got some great photos. Looks like the Easter bunny was good to your kids this year. ;) Cute cute pictures!

Accustomed Chaos said...

Beautiful photos! looks like you all had a wonderful time.

What kind of camera are you using?

Dropping in from Lady Bloggers & am your newest follower :D

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos

Kmama said...

Great pictures. Oh my goodness, that is hilarious about that elephant! It took me a minute to find it and then I burst out laughing!

Giaellis2 said...

GREAT pics! Man, your camera rocks! Love me some elephant penis! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!