Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Ducks

Mrs. Snyder purchased three baby ducks for her classroom since none of their duck eggs hatched.  Their first day at school was yesterday but because Grace was at work with Dave, she didn't find out or see them until today.  She was so excited!  When it was time for school to get out, I went a few minutes early so that I could get Zach and take him down to see them as well.  Aren't they adorable?

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That One Girl said...

I used to have a baby duck! His name was Bob! LOL

I left him at my friends house for a weekend one time and when I came back she said to me (totally serious) "I taught Bob how to swim!" all I could do is laugh and say thank you. How do you tell a 22 year old woman that ducks instinctively know how to swim?!

Sadly, poor Bob got out of his enclosure and was hit on the road one day. :-( I was very sad.