Friday, March 26, 2010

Party Like a Rock Star

Grace went to her good friends', Carly and Madison's, birthday party tonight at Carly's house.  Both girls turned 8 this week and had a joint Rock Star party.  Everyone was supposed to come dressed as their favorite rock star so Grace went as Hannah Montana/Miley Cirus.  When we got to Carly's house, the girls got to walk the RED Carpet, had to check in with the Bouncer at the door (aka Perry, Carly's Dad) and get their VIP Backstage Pass.  Once the party started, Carly's Mom, Erin, painted everyone's nails and Stacy was in charge of makeup.  They ate homemade pizza and miniature cupcakes and played Just Dance on the Wii.  The girls had a blast!

Carly, aka Gwen Stefani and Grace

Ava, aka kelly Clarkson and Grace

Ava, Madi, Grace, Madison and Carly

Grace getting her makeup done by Stacy

The Birthday Girls!

Grace, Carly, Madison and Ava


Giaellis2 said...

Great post! I may copy for my blog :) That last pic of Ava makes me think I am in troubbbbbbble with a capital T! UGH! lol

Jill said...

Feel free Gia to copy! And yes, you are!!!!!! (in trouble that is). LOL!

Cherie said...

What a super fun idea! They all look so cute.

Stacy said...

These girls were so adorable!!! I think you are ALL in trouble when they decide to start wearing make up! LOL

Betsy said...

This is so cute!! Although I totally don't think I'd be able to handle being a mom at a "Rock Star" party! ahh!! At least I have some time before THAT happens! lol. Love it.

Mhel said...

OMG They're all pretty! I can't choose who amongst is the cutest. They're just all sooo cute! Models in the making. They're outfits and makeups are so fierce by the way.

Stopping by from SITS! Have a blessed week!!

Birdie said...

What a fun and cute idea for a girl's party! Though I agree with Gia that the last pic of Ava makes all-girls boarding school sound like a good idea!!

Hear Mum Roar said...

That looks like so much fun!! You can tell they're having an absolute ball

Veronica Lee said...

The girls are super adorable!

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.

Theta Mom said...

OMG - I cannot wait until this kind of stuff! What cute pics!

And thanks for visiting me on my SITS Day - and welcome to TMC!!!!!!!!!!

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Hello there! Visiting from Lady Bloggers "Tea Party."
These pictures are adorable!!! SO freaking cute!
You look like a super fun mommy! ;)

Following your blog!

Veronica Lee said...

They all look soooo cute!!

Following your lovely blog now.

Holly said...

What a fun idea for a birthday looks like they had a blast! Thanks fro stopping by 504 Main and following. I am a new follower here.


Kmama said...

How fun is that. I totally want to go to a party like that!!

Thank you so much for stopping by (and following!). It made my TMC Feature so special!!