Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grace's VIP Award Presentation

As you already know, Grace was chosen to be VIP this week in her class.  Every week each teacher selects a student from his/her classroom as the VIP for the week. They are chosen for reasons such as good behavior, academics, helping in the classroom, etc. Throughout the week they are awarded certain privileges like being the line leader, posting their bio and picture on the wall outside the cafeteria, having a special breakfast with family, receiving a free popcorn on Friday and getting an award from the Principal, herself! I went to the award ceremony this morning to see Grace be presented with her VIP certificate and we will all go to the breakfast on Friday.  Congratulations Grace on being VIP!  We are so proud of you and the great job that you are doing in school.  We love you!

Mrs. Kinsey (the acting principal while Mrs. Perry is out sick) presenting Grace with her certificate

Mrs. Kinsey, Grace and Grace's guidance counselor, Ms. Roach

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Ellis Family said...

WOO HOO! GO GRACE! Great post - nice verbiage ;)