Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grace Is A Very Important Person!

Grace has been chosen to be VIP of her class this next week.  On Friday she got to bring home Franklin, the class turtle and a journal about Franklin's adventures.  Franklin was to spend the weekend with Grace and we were to document their adventures.  They started off the weekend by coming home and have a snack.  They shared Grace's popcorn from school and Franklin thought it was super yummy!  

As soon as they were finished with their snacks, we went shopping for Grace a new dress because she has outgrown all of hers and needed one for her Girl Scout trip on Saturday.  We went to Belk, the Gap and Target and Franklin helped Grace pick out some super cute clothes!

They were both tired from all that shopping and cuddled up on our bed before taking baths and getting ready for bed.  On Saturday, we woke up early and went with Grace's Girl Scout troop to Fayetteville for an American Girl Fashion Show.   Grace and Franklin had fun but they both thought it was a long car ride!  Saturday night Grace's friend, Ava, came over and they played with Franklin also.

On Sunday afternoon, Franklin played outside with Grace, Zachary and Madison.  They built a tent, jumped on the trampoline and played on the play set.  I think Franklin enjoyed his time here at our house and he is welcome anytime!  He was a perfect house guest!

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Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

Very cute. When I think back to when my kids brought home the monkey I think we looked at home and quickly stuffed him back in the bag! Your Franklin is a lucky turtle!