Friday, March 26, 2010

Party Like a Rock Star

Grace went to her good friends', Carly and Madison's, birthday party tonight at Carly's house.  Both girls turned 8 this week and had a joint Rock Star party.  Everyone was supposed to come dressed as their favorite rock star so Grace went as Hannah Montana/Miley Cirus.  When we got to Carly's house, the girls got to walk the RED Carpet, had to check in with the Bouncer at the door (aka Perry, Carly's Dad) and get their VIP Backstage Pass.  Once the party started, Carly's Mom, Erin, painted everyone's nails and Stacy was in charge of makeup.  They ate homemade pizza and miniature cupcakes and played Just Dance on the Wii.  The girls had a blast!

Carly, aka Gwen Stefani and Grace

Ava, aka kelly Clarkson and Grace

Ava, Madi, Grace, Madison and Carly

Grace getting her makeup done by Stacy

The Birthday Girls!

Grace, Carly, Madison and Ava

Grace's VIP Breakfast

This morning, Grace, Zachary, Dave and I went to school early to have breakfast with Grace at the VIP breakfast.  She was such a great VIP this week and I'm so glad that we were all able to help her celebrate!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mrs. Snyder's Class Has Baby Chicks!

Grace has been studying embryology at school and because she has such an awesome teacher, her class got 20 chicken eggs on March 3rd.  They kept them in an incubator and turned the eggs every day.  Did you know that you have to turn the eggs an odd number of times every day?  If you don't turn them an odd number, they will die.  On the 14th day, they candled the eggs to see which ones had chicks.  Of the 20 eggs, three had air cells,  two didn't have anything at all and the rest had chicks.  They were able to see the embryos and their veins.  It took the eggs 21 days to hatch and they started hatching Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  

When Grace got to school on Wednesday, there were about 9 or 10 chicks that had already hatched.  She got to see two hatch and thought it was awesome!  When I volunteered in her class I thought I was going to get to see one hatch.  I watched it for over an hour but it never came all the way out.  It ended up hatching later in the day and the reason it probably took so long was because it was "special".  There was something wrong with its intestines and one foot.  But he didn't seem to be in pain and was able to get around just like all the other little chicks.  

Once the chicks were hatched, they stayed in the incubator for a little while before Mrs. Snyder would move them to the big box where they had food and water and a heat lamp.  They were so cute when their fur dried and they fluffed up!

Zachary thought Grace was "so lucky" that she had chicks in her classroom so I told him that I would come and get him so he could see them too.  He was able to pet them and hold them and thought they were so cute!  He said he wished that we could have one and Mrs. Snyder would have given us one but didn't think we would much want a chicken running around and she was right.

Grace learned so much throughout this study.  She would come home every day telling us new things that she had learned.  Each child even made an embryology book where they wrote what was happening each day along with a picture.  

You can see Grace's embryology book here.

The Eggs on Tuesday before they started hatching

This is the egg that I watched for so long waiting for it to hatch.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grace's VIP Award Presentation

As you already know, Grace was chosen to be VIP this week in her class.  Every week each teacher selects a student from his/her classroom as the VIP for the week. They are chosen for reasons such as good behavior, academics, helping in the classroom, etc. Throughout the week they are awarded certain privileges like being the line leader, posting their bio and picture on the wall outside the cafeteria, having a special breakfast with family, receiving a free popcorn on Friday and getting an award from the Principal, herself! I went to the award ceremony this morning to see Grace be presented with her VIP certificate and we will all go to the breakfast on Friday.  Congratulations Grace on being VIP!  We are so proud of you and the great job that you are doing in school.  We love you!

Mrs. Kinsey (the acting principal while Mrs. Perry is out sick) presenting Grace with her certificate

Mrs. Kinsey, Grace and Grace's guidance counselor, Ms. Roach

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grace Is A Very Important Person!

Grace has been chosen to be VIP of her class this next week.  On Friday she got to bring home Franklin, the class turtle and a journal about Franklin's adventures.  Franklin was to spend the weekend with Grace and we were to document their adventures.  They started off the weekend by coming home and have a snack.  They shared Grace's popcorn from school and Franklin thought it was super yummy!  

As soon as they were finished with their snacks, we went shopping for Grace a new dress because she has outgrown all of hers and needed one for her Girl Scout trip on Saturday.  We went to Belk, the Gap and Target and Franklin helped Grace pick out some super cute clothes!

They were both tired from all that shopping and cuddled up on our bed before taking baths and getting ready for bed.  On Saturday, we woke up early and went with Grace's Girl Scout troop to Fayetteville for an American Girl Fashion Show.   Grace and Franklin had fun but they both thought it was a long car ride!  Saturday night Grace's friend, Ava, came over and they played with Franklin also.

On Sunday afternoon, Franklin played outside with Grace, Zachary and Madison.  They built a tent, jumped on the trampoline and played on the play set.  I think Franklin enjoyed his time here at our house and he is welcome anytime!  He was a perfect house guest!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

An American Girl Fashion Show

Grace's Brownie troop chose an American Girl Fashion Show as one of their trips to take with the money from their cookie sales.  We got up bright and early this morning and drove to Fayetteville, NC to the fashion show which was hosted by the Child Advocacy Center of Fayetteville.  The program showcased historical and contemporary fashions for girls and their dolls.  Proceeds from the event benefitted the Child Advocacy Center's child abuse prevention and outreach programs.  

When we first got their we looked around at the little booths they had set up with souveniers and goodies then we went in and found our seats.  We were served little sandwiches, fresh fruit, pink lemonade and sugar cookies with strawberry icing.  Yummy!  Then the show started and the girls were so cute and many of them really looked like the American Girl dolls.  Everyone enjoyed it and were all spoiled with T-shirts, matching doll clothes and tote bags that all of us Moms couldn't resist.  

Thanks Erin for a great trip!

Carly, Grace & Ava with their dolls pretending they were on a roller coaster 

Kristian Dillon
Kristian Dillon, Ava Ellis, Grace, Carly Smith, Madison Jukkola

Aren't they cute?
Grace's Brownie leader, Erin Smith and her daughter, Carly

Grace & me


"Felicity" and "Elizabeth"



Brownie Troop 1727