Wednesday, February 3, 2010


When we were assigned our house on base, we were told that they would be undergoing renovations in the future but we didn't know if we would still be here to see it come to fruition or not. Well, we did. We were in phase 8 of the renovations and they started on November 29th. The renovations were to take about 8 weeks and our house was released to us today! Yippee!!!!!! Can you tell we are excited?
On the first day of renovations, we were supposed to have gotten a fence around the perimeter of the garage and screened in porch. Well, the crew started ripping down the garage before the fence even got put up. We couldn't believe how much they got done in that first day! We thought that at the rate they were going, we would get completed well before the 8 weeks was up but then we had to consider all the holidays and I don't think they worked any between Christmas and New Years. And did I mention all of the rain? Oh my gosh, it has rained soooo much over the past two months that there were times it was like walking through a swamp in our front yard. But on many of these rainy days, they were still out there working. The end of the renovation phase seemed to move the slowest. Everything appeared to be completed and we were so ready for it to be "ours" but technically we weren't even supposed to go in the garage/room until the house had been "released" to us.
Today at 11:30, I got the call that everything was complete and that the house was being "released" to us. So, now instead of having a teeny tiny single car garage with a manual door, we have a very nice double car garage with a working garage door and opener. We have a small covered front porch and our screened in porch has been turned into a beautiful Carolina room filled with windows and tiled floor. I can't wait to start rearranging and moving things. Dave better get some muscle lined up to come and help him. (Hint hint Jason and Rob)

Before renovations began

Day 1 - dumpsters and lumber were brought in
Screened in porch being ripped apart and heating/air ducts installed

Afternoon of Day 1 - side of garage completely gone. Fence still hasn't arrived.

Garage framed

Tree that had to be removed in order to widen the garage
Zach and Grace enjoyed playing on the tree until they removed it.

Renovations are complete!

Carolina room


Giaellis2 said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we have to change the phrase from "What's said on the porch stays on the porch" to "What's said in the Carolina Room............." LOL! It's VERY nice though! FINALLY! Congrats ;)

Dear Matt said...

I'm sorry, but who is that chick Gia, that commented above me?!? She has been MIA for awhile, I guess she is disconnecting from us since she will be moving to a new zip code soon.

Love your new house!!!! I can't believe how much they got done on the first day. It seems like it got done fast though, but it probably didn't feel that way to you. I LOVE the picture of Gracie in the net.

Karen said...

Wow!!! Amazing job - wish I could see it all in person:) Still love keeping track on your blog Jill - and YES - I will put one together some day! I was wondering how you blog to scrapbook (do you use a particular site?) ***Noticed your Love your Keurig button*** Dan bought one for Xmas - LOVE IT!

Jill said...

Gia, I need to get an UCL sign that says something like that! Karen, you guys should come down for a visit sometime. We would love to see you! And I keep checking to see if you are starting your blog. I'm waiting.........And yes, I love my Keurig!