Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Friend, Erin

Last night several of us surprised our friend Erin with a birthday dinner at Mi Cabana. She thought only Stacy, she and I were going but when she arrived she was surprised to see Gia, Renee, Heidi, Karen and Jennie also! Karen made a delicious German Chocolate Cake and we ate and laughed and had a great time! Happy Birthday Erin! I'm going to miss you when you move in April.

Gia, Renee and me
Heidi, Karen and Jennie
The birthday girl
One of her presents was a Karen Holliday original

Erin and Stacy
The girls!


Cindy said...

Hi welcome to sits, I'm here in NYC just checking new blogs...

Lesley said...

How awesome...what wonderful friendships....It's hard when good friends move though...stopping by to say happy SITS day!