Friday, February 12, 2010

Grace's Valentine Party

Since Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, Grace's class exchanged valentines and had their party today. Each child told Mrs. Snyder what they wanted to bring and lucky for me, Grace wanted to bring Hershey's Kisses - easy for me! They had all kinds of goodies and junk food - sugar cookies, delicious brownies, chips and all different kinds of candy. Everyone seemed to have a good time and loved exchanging valentines and looking at all the different ones they received. Zachary's class didn't have a party but they did exchange valentines and he had fun too!

My little valentine

Lydia, Peter, Zeidler, Katie and Maria

Bode, Jade, McKinnley, Anna

Grace, Leo, Amelia, Aiden and Justin

Carly, Devon, Mia and Chris

Mrs. Snyder and Grace

Grace and me

Carly and Grace

Mrs. Snyder and me being silly!

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