Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Snow of 2010

We have not gotten any snow this year thus far even though it seems that everywhere around us has had snow. Then yesterday snow was in the forecast. The weather channel said that it should start snowing around 6 p.m. and would snow all night long. We checked at 6 and there was no snow. We checked again at 7 p.m. and there was still no snow. At about 7:30 there were just some very light flurries and then it started coming down hard. Before we went to bed last night, this was what it looked like.

Then we woke up this morning to two screaming kids. Evidently they woke up and the first thing they did was look out the window and they saw snow everywhere. The ran into our bedroom screaming that snow was everywhere and the ground was covered and we had to get on our clothes and go out in it "right now". Dave and I got up and looked and it was beautiful. The ground was completely covered.

We told the kids that we had to eat a quick breakfast before going out so they gobbled down a pop-tart and then we got all bundled up in our layers. But before we did that, they just had to step out back to see how deep it was. We figured it was about 6 inches but the news reported tonight that Camp Lejeune received 7 inches!

This was our view from our front door. Isn't it gorgeous?

Grace and Zachary loved it! They were so excited and they ran and skipped and walked and jumped. Dave started to work making then a snow fort like he did when he was a kid and it took him about all morning to do it. While he did that, Grace, Zachary and I walked across the street down to the water and everything was so pretty. This is where they made their snow angels. When we got back to our house, Dave was still working on his fort so the kids and I built a snowman. They got tired before we were completely finished with it though and left me to do the finishing touches all by myself.

Gulliver or Mr. Grumpy as Grace calls him all covered up.

Working hard on the snow fort

Making snow angels

The results

Still working on the snow fort.......

Mmmm, this snow is good!

They also jumped on the trampoline..........

and had a blast playing on the playset!

Snowball fight!

Dave teaching Zach a valuable to build a great snowball.

Our snowman
And since the Olympics were taking place, we thought it only appropriate that he have on a USA scarf. Go USA!

After working and playing so hard and getting wet and cold since none of us have snowsuits, we came in to warm up. The kids took a hot bath and I made them hot chocolate. I also made snow cream. My mom made snow cream when I was a kid every chance we got which wasn't very often. Dave, who grew up with the snow, had never had snow cream and I couldn't get him to try it today either. Zach thought it was okay but wasn't too crazy about it and Grace ate a little but even she didn't like it as much as I thought she would. I thought it was pretty good myself but since I was the only one who thought so, I now have snow cream in our freezer because who knows when it might snow here again!


Amber said...

Love all the pics...I wanted to drive out to the beach this morning to see what it looked like with the snow....but I didn't get around to that today:(

Stacy said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Mine didn't come out half as good.
BTW - WHAT is snow cream????