Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve

We celebrated New Year's Eve with friends at The Hammies. Stacy and Jon Hamrick had a small party at their house and their 14 year-old daughter, Cassie, kept the kids for us next door at Erin and Perry's house. So, not only did the adults have a fun time but all the kids did as well.
Stacy cooked some delicious enchiladas and everyone brought something. We had enchiladas, rice, guacamole, Erin's famous bean dip, boiled shrimp, some other yummy appetizers that Stacy made and quite a few desserts. It was delicious!
Most of the night was spent playing Rock Band and everyone had a great time. Thanks Stacy and Jon for having us over and Happy New Year to everyone!

Heidi Haas, Stacy Hamrick and Karen Holliday

Me, Heidi, Erin, Christy, Stacy and Karen

Stacy and Jon Hamrick

Getting ready to rock out

Stacy and her "perfect pose"! :)

Erin and Perry Smith

Perry, Erin and Jon
Jon and Stacy rocking the mic together

Stacy and Dave
Dave and I rocking out together

Heidi and Karen
Erin taking the mic over from Stacy for a bit

Stacy and me
Erin and me
Dave and me

Perry stepped out of his comfort zone and joined in on the fun!