Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet Ms. Squiggles

Grace LOVES art class. She excels in both Mrs. Orr's and Dr. Trafton's art classes and loves going to both. Each year Dr. Trafton selects a few students that she teaches to sew and lets them make a project and Grace has been one of those select students for the past two years. She made an adorable pillow last year and this year she made a clown, which she has named Ms. Squiggles. Grace has worked on her all year long and finally completed her this past week and got to bring her home today. Dave and I were both amazed at what an awesome job she did! She looks like something that you would buy at a Craft Fair and to think that Grace made her all by herself! Wow! Keep up the great work Grace!

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Dear Matt said...

That is awesome!!!!!