Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Today would have been Elvis' 75th birthday and I went to a party to celebrate. Michele Redmon, whom I met in December, LOVES Elvis also and she had a Blue Moon Birthday Party to celebrate and invited me! I was so excited when I got her evite. I did not even realize she was an Elvis fan!
The evite said "Don't be a Hound Dog...Come celebrate what would have been the 75th birthday of Elvis Presley! Bring your best Elvis-ispired dish or treat. The most creative will win a prize! Enjoy the buttery voice of the King while celebrating his life with friends!"
Michele MIGHT love Elvis as much as I do but she is more in love with the young Elvis and I think he was at his HOTTEST from around 1968-1971. Michele does have something that I don't have (and don't know that Dave would even let me have) and it's THIS gorgeous picture hanging in her kitchen.

When we first arrived to the party, we were greeted with this Jailhouse Rock version of a Hunka Hunka Burning Love. Michele had ordered this VERY LARGE cardboard cutout just for us and her party. SWEET! And she moved him around the party as if he was actually mingling with us and of course, we all had to have our picture made with him.

Summer, Jessica, Michele and Amber got into the theme of the party and came dressed 50's style and they all looked so cute! Summer in her 'pleather' and Amber with her fake mole. I loved it!

AND the food.....the yummy inspired Elvis food.
I brought homemade banana pudding because this evidently was something that Elvis requested be made on a nightly basis at Graceland.
Jessica brought the most DELICIOUS homemade jelly donuts.
Amber made biscuits with sausage and gravy.
Tracy brought cigar hot dogs and retro Pepsi.
Michele made fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and strawberry pound cake.
Summer brought big pickles and oh so good fried pickles.
And last but not least, Gia, who has never been an Elvis fan and thought it would be really funny brought these bags filled with Retro Pepsi, Heath and Butterfinger candy bars and prescription meds. (They weren't really prescription meds. She actually went to allot of trouble getting prescription bottles from CVS and filling them with different pill shaped and colored candies and a cute little card that told what each color candy pill was for. The card read:
Jailhouse Rock-You are often stuck between a rock and a hard place in jail. Take this purple pill to ease the pain.
In the Ghetto-If you're living in the ghetto, sell these red pills for cash to feed your kids.
Viva Las Vegas-What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Take this green pill to keep your mouth shut.
Heartbreak Hotel-If you end up here, then you're a hooker. Take this white pill to be re-VIRGIN-ized.
Don't be Cruel-Don't HATE! Love life with the mellow yellow pill.
Hound Dog-Some of you may be married to one. Slip this pink pill in his food when your favorite show is on.
All Shook Up-Withdraws suck! Cure them with this orange pill.
Can't Help Falling in Love-Take this dark red pill 30 minutes before you watch "The Bachelor".
Blue Moon-This blue pill works on everything. Baby blues, blue balls, blue suede shoes, ect.

Even though I didn't necessarily agree with it all, I had to admit that it was pretty funny and creative and when it came time for us to all vote for the most creative "dish", Gia won by one vote.

Gia with one of her pill bottles

Amber and Summer evidently decided to go ahead and pop some pills!

Gia's prize for winning was this really cute bag with an Elvis coffee mug and Are You Hungry Tonight? cookbook (neither of which I HAD {grin} ).

Even though I didn't dress for the occasion, I was wearing my "Peace, Love, Elvis" shirt and my Elvis watch and was carrying my Elvis purse.

After we sat around listening to all of our favorite Elvis songs, eating our yummy Elvis food and laughing and talking, it was time for us to kiss him goodbye.

Thanks Michele for a FABULOUS time!


canscrap4u2 said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you are still scrapbooking...this would be a lot of fun to scrap. Something different besides kid stuff. Gia sounds like a hoot, and I hope she gave you the mug atleast!

Giaellis2 said...

LOL! Love it and you soooooooooooo agree with it ;)

Dear Matt said...

It was an awesome party! I think we need to have monthly get togethers and have a fun party like that!

I could go for some of your banana pudding right now;)