Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Grace performed Twas the Night Before Christmas today with her classmates from Mrs. Snyder and Ms. Cramer's classes. Grace was a narrator and all of the narrators were dressed as elves. They took turns reciting the story while the other kids acted it out and they all did such a fantastic job. They started practicing sometime in November and Mrs. Snyder, Ms. Cramer and several parents worked hard on making the set which included beds for Mamma and Papa, a fireplace and chimney, a mouse hole, a window for Papa to look out of and lots and lots of big wrapped presents! I actually painted the Mamma and Papa signs and made the window. Oh, and how could I forget all of the boxes that I wrapped and bowes that I made!
Everyone worked very hard to make it a great performance and all of the hard work paid off!
Our cute little elf!

Santa with his reindeer

Grace's friend, Carly Smith, as a reindeer

This is the window that I made.

Grace saying her part.

We are so proud of you, Grace!

Carly and Grace

Carly's mom, Erin, and me acting silly!

Mrs. Snyder and Grace

Mrs. Snyder's Class

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Willis Party of 6 said...

How fun!!!!! It looks like they did an amazing job!