Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mike's Farm

It has become a family tradition for us to go out to Mike's Farm during the Christmas season to go on the hayride and see the lights. This year the only time we could find to go was tonight. We usually like to eat dinner at the restaurant there but according to their website, it is only open for private parties on Sundays so we went to Red Robin for dinner before hand.

We wanted to get out there before the sun set so that we could take some cute pictures of the kids for our Christmas cards. We got there in the nick of time and we got the kids all posed and ready to go and the camera wouldn't work. I had taken the card out of Dave's Nikon D90 this morning to upload pictures and forgot to put it back in. So, here we were at Mike's Farm, perfect light, kids are ready, expensive camera in hand..........and we can't take pictures. I was so mad at myself! But, what can you do?

While Dave was putting the camera back in the car, I snapped these pictures with my iPhone - not great but not terrible either. It turned out to be a great night though. It was cold and we were all bundled up with our hot chocolate. We were one of the first groups that got to leave once the hayrides started and it was great as always and definitely got us in the holiday spirit.

I was disappointed though when we got off the hayride; it appeared the restaurant was open and they were calling names. Come to find out, they are only open for private parties but if a group doesn't show or they have room, you can eat there. So, lesson learned - call ahead and don't rely solely on a website.

Even though we weren't able to enjoy the restaurant, we did go into the bakery and have some delicious fudge and gingerbread cookies! Yum! Yum!

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