Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I am so thankful that Grace and Zachary aren't the type of kids to wake up at the break of dawn on Christmas morning. Dave was actually the first one up and came downstairs with the camera so he would be ready when we all woke up. Grace woke up first at about 8:45 and came and crawled into bed with me and Zachary followed. Grace was first down the stairs but Dave made her stop and sit there and wait on Zachary and me.

And when we got downstairs, we saw that Santa had come! He had left presents by the fireplace, filled the stockings and he ate most of the cookies!

Grace went for her biggest present first....

and Zachary just kind of stood back and took it all in.

Grace's big present from Santa was two Zhu Zhu pets and the entire Zhu Zhu pet playset! Wow! Santa must have some connections!

Ooooh, Zachary got a remote control helicopter just like he asked for.

A Nerf gun clip - wonder if there is a Nerf gun in here somewhere?

And here it is!!!!!

Zach got two Zhu Zhu pets of his own.

Zach's big present from Santa was a new 18 inch bike with a kickstand!

After opening all of the presents from Santa, we moved to those under the tree. Grace opened the one from Rebecca first. In the card Rebecca wrote, "Dear Grace, When I was about your age, Santa gave me my very first American Girl doll. I was so excited! The doll's name was Addy, and she quickly became my favorite. My parents helped me read her story and I learned that many or our ancestors shared her experiences. I thought that was so cool! I loved learning about my family and our heritage and I hope that you will do the same. I noticed that Addy was missing from your American Girl collection and I wanted you to have her. I hope you enjoy her as much as I did (and still do!).

Meet Addy, Grace's newest addition to her American Girl doll collection.

Two of Zach's favorites - Indiana Jones and Legos!

More legos! Zach was so excited to get all the different sets of Legos!

Dave was pretty excited to get the new FIFA Soccer game, don't you think?

This shirt was so perfect for Grace that I just had to get it and she loves it!

No more fighting over Grace's DS - Zach has his very own now!

Grace and Zachary both wanted guinea pigs this year for Christmas. They had about talked me into it when all of a sudden several people told me how badly they stink if you don't clean out their cages constantly and what a pain they could be. I talked the kids out of them and that is when they asked Santa for Zhu Zhu pets. Santa fulfilled their request and I went on a hunt to find them the very hard to find guinea pig webkinz so they would also have a soft and cuddly one.

Grace's very own silver bracelet with a little treasure box on it "filled with our love".

Grace's big present from us - her very own netbook! She had no idea what this was when she was opening it. She was a little confused at first until she realized what it was and then she was so happy!

Every year at school, the PTA does a Frosty's Gift Shop for the kids to shop in. Grace and Zachary both shopped for each other - Zach got Grace a Hannah Montana pillow and Grace got Zachary a dinosaur.

Playing with the Zhu Zhu pets

The post-Christmas mess!


The Lowe Family said...

i love that snowman by the fireplace that he made in pre-k. look how tall he's grown!!!!

Ellis Family said...

What a GREAT X-mas! Soooo glad you got the camera and I DO love mnine! Ava has that same Sassy shirt and is VERY much our girls :) They should wear them together for a pic one day!