Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grace's Christmas Party

Grace had her class Christmas party today at school. The kids all volunteered what they would each bring and Grace wanted to bring ice cream. So, after a busy morning I headed up to the school for her party. They had ice cream, cookies, the cutest snowmen cupcakes. rice crispy treats, chips, veggies and fruit and......SODA, which was a huge hit and a treat for all the kids.

Grace also gave Mrs. Snyder her Christmas present which was a hurricane globe with her initial on it filled with a candle and cranberries. She loved it!

Grace with her friend, Maria

Grace, Amelia, Aiden, Justin

Jade and Grace

Jade, McKinnley and Grace

Mrs. Snyder was impressed with the Christmas cards I made

and she loved her Upper Case Living hurricane globe.

Carly's mom, Erin, is also Grace's Girl Scout leader. Grace gave her Christmas present to her today also.
Carly's Dad has been in Iraq for the last 8 months or so and got to come home for his 2 week R&R during Christmas. Welcome home Perry!

Grace and Carly

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The Lowe Family said...

Grace looks sooo much like you. i see her daddy in her too, but more you.

okay, the picture program i'm using on my blo gis you can use it for free with a limited use OR you can pay like $24and use ALL the features. I went ahead and paid the yearly $24. it's soo worth it. i love it!! so easy too!!

also, the thrift store is in swansboro it's called "the hem of his garment" on the left thand side of 24 as you come into swansboro right before the dollar store. you gotta go!!!!