Friday, December 4, 2009

Grace's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Grace's birthday tonight by going to dinner at the place of her choosing, Sake Asian Fusion, for sushi and her friend, Carly, came with us and then spent the night. Carly and Grace are both in Mrs. Snyder's class at school and Carly was VIP this week so she got to bring Franklin, the turtle, home with her and he came to dinner with us as well. We had a delicious dinner and then came home so Grace could open her presents. She got all kinds of great things! Dave and I gave her Guitar Hero for her DS and a Project Runway Fashion Projector; she got a Liv doll and clothes from Nana and Paw, a Harumika Fashion set from the McMillen's, a puzzle and Barnes and Noble gift card from Grandma Beverly, Wii Resort from Lola, a subscription to Stone Soup from Papa and an American Girl Hair Styling kit from Aunt Rebecca. What a great birthday!
Grace, Carly and Franklin

Zach was mad about something so this is his "I don't want to smile face".

Carly enjoying her shrimp tempura sushi!

Grace is enjoying it too!

And Zachary had an Unagi (eel) Roll. Mmmm...good!

Everyone is happy after a full tummy!

Getting ready to open presents

Carly wanted to help.

Grace is showing Carly the pictures of her cousins, Allie and Hannah, that were in her card.

Oooh, what is it?

It's a Harumika Fashion set. Thanks Aunt Kerry!

Thanks Lola for my Wii Resort game!

Thanks Nana and Paw for my Liv doll and clothes!

Thanks Grandma Beverly for my puzzle and gift card!

Grace had a great 8th birthday! Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes, cards and presents!

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