Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Alabama

The kids and I went to Alabama to spend a few days with my family during the holidays. Dave had planned on going to Chicago to visit his family at the same time and was actually going to go on a cross-country on a C-12 but it got cancelled at the last minute. We got to Mom and Dad's on Friday night and we were all so ready to get out of the car by the time we got there. It was a horrible drive because it rained all day long. But once we got there, we all had such a fun time. Kerry and her family came over on Monday morning and stayed the rest of the time and Grace and Zachary were so excited to see their cousins, Allie and Hannah. And of course, I was very happy to see and spend some time with my sister! We talked and laughed and ate and talked and laughed and get the picture.
We opened presents and had our Christmas dinner on Monday. We all got lots of goodies - Grace got an American Girl doll, a Liv doll salon, a fairytale create-a-book and Zachary got a spark Razor scooter, Legos and a remote control helicopter. And I love my new jewelry armoire, Elvis book, Elvis note cards, Elvis ornaments, sweater and scarf!
On Tuesday we drove over to Huntsville and went to Santa's Village - a child's holiday fantasyland come to life! We saw two of Santa's reindeer, decorated Gingerbread cookies and wrote letters to Santa. There was more to do but it was very crowded as it was the next to last night that it was opened but we still had a fabulous time and it definitely put us in the Christmas spirit!
We came back home on Wednesday and even though we had much better weather, it was still a very long, tiring drive. Thank you Daddy for doing it with us!

Putting a puzzle together with Nana on our first night.

Being silly with balloons!

Zachary loved playing with their dog, Rudy

Mark and Zachary

Kerry and Zachary playing army men. Zachary had to show her how to build forts and what to do because she didn't know how to do these "boy things".

Allie, Hannah and Grace

Allie, Hannah, Grace and Zachary

Kerry and Hannah - Hannah just turned 13 and she is sooooo tall and such a pretty girl!

Zach and his little buddy, Rudy

Taking a peek!

Zachary loved his Lego Star Wars Spaceship that he got from Nana and Paw!

Grace with Chrissa, her new American Girl

Hannah with her Peace, Love, Twilight shirt that we gave her. I may have to get one of these for myself!

Kerry and me with some of our Elvis goodies!
This was the day for messes. Daddy was mixing a pie when the power went out and he left the mixer in the bowl. When it came back on, the mixer started and slung the bowl off the counter and there went our pie
Then I was getting some milk for Zachary and trying to put a top on a cup to make it "spill-proof" when I made this huge mess! Luckily Rudy was there to help me clean it up.

All of the girls got American Girl dolls from Nana and Paw and they had so much fun playing with them together!

Grace and Zachary with their cousins and grandparents

My sister, Kerry, and me

Looking at the reindeer at Santa's Village

Writing letters to Santa

Decorating gingerbread cookies

We finished the night by stopping at Santa's Snacks for some hot cider and cocoa!

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Ellis Family said...

I can not believe how many AG dolls Grace has! WOW! Also, the balloon pics were CRACKING me up! Hilarious! Grace had my booty! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa