Monday, December 14, 2009

Amber & Jessica's Christmas Party

I love to meet people and make new friends. I have been fortunate enough to meet Amber and Jessica, a couple of really sweet and fun girls, through my friend Gia. Jessica actually cyber-stalked Gia (you can read about that here) but she is really not a crazy stalker at all. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I opened my email to find this cute little invitation from Amber and Jessica to a Christmas Party that they were having together. Evidently Amber decided to have one and Jessica jumped on her band wagon and invited her friends also. I'm not sure who's list I was on but I'm just glad they decided to include me.
The party was at Amber's house and even though she just moved in a few weeks ago, everything was beautiful and she had it decorated very festive for the party. Everyone brought food to share and a "fun and useful" gift for a Dirty Santa gift exchange. I couldn't think of a gift at first but then it came to me - a Snuggie! I texted Gia to see what she thought and she loved it! She was jealous that she had not thought of it first. Instead she had purchased this lovely gift for a very lucky winner!

So, I brought my very fun and useful Leopard print Snuggie and great minds think alike because Jessica also brought a Snuggie, although hers was not the cool Leopard print like mine. And I was lucky enough to pick Jessica's gift and no one stole it from me so I got to go home with my very own Snuggie!

It was a fun way to spend a Monday afternoon and I'm so glad that Amber and Jessica included me in their little Christmas Gathering of Girlies!

Jessica Low, Gia Ellis and me

Even though many people would consider this gift to be a "fun and useful" gift, I don't think Jessica was very happy about it and no one stole it from her so this is what she went home with.

Jessica and baby August (Gus). Isn't he adorable with all of that hair!

Gia and Michele Redmon with her very fun and useful "Yours and Mine" that she actually stole from Amber.

Gus and me


Willis Party of 6 said...

Thanks Jill!!!! I had fun, and I'm pretty sure that you were on list of invites! And don't let Jess fool you, you know that she has already used her gift!

The Lowe Family said...

okay that picture of me with the massager? gross.

my arm thats closest to the camera looks all blotchy like it's bumpy and diseased and then the arm farther in the background looks like buttcheeks.


Ellis Family said...

Seriously, the Snuggie was a RAD idea for fun or funny and useful! KUDOS! I think mine fit the bill rather well too and Jess can suck it with her disdain in receiving it!! That was a fun party though and I'm glad for new found friends, even if they start out as psycho stalkers! I'm really gonna miss everyone!