Saturday, November 14, 2009

What a Great Surprise!

A couple of weeks ago, Gia told me that since my birthday was during the week and our ball was on the same night for me to get a babysitter for Friday the 13th and we would go on a double date to celebrate. I immediately lined up Aura to babysit and Gia said that I could pick where we were going to go. She knows how much I love Swansboro so she suggested that I pick somewhere there and I chose The Icehouse. We had never been there before but everyone is always talking about how good it is.

So, Gia and Jason were supposed to have picked us up at 6 last night but they were running a little late. They got here probably about 6:15 or so and we kissed the kids goodbye and headed to Swansboro. We arrived at The Icehouse and my first clue should have been when Dave and Jason just walked in and didn't wait to be seated. I asked Gia if we were just supposed to seat ourselves and she said "yeah, we did the last time we were here". Actually, I should have had a clue all along when Gia talked about celebrating big for my 39th birthday. She said 40 would be depressing and she didn't understand why everyone always celebrates it; she thought we should celebrate my last year in my 30's. Anyway, we followed Dave and Jason and I was still clueless and about the time I saw Renee standing there with her camera, everyone said "Surprise" and there was Renee, Greg, Stacey, Erin, Stacy and Jon. I was so surprised! I couldn't believe it! I asked Dave if he knew about it and of course, he did and I just couldn't believe that they pulled it off without me even having a clue.

It was a great night! We laughed and talked and ate for about 3 hours. Greg finished off the bread loaf that the crab dip came in which was just too funny. He literally ate the entire thing and then proceeded to eat all of his dinner and dessert. And that was just one of the funny things. I haven't laughed as much as I laughed last night in a very long time. After dinner, I opened up my presents and what great presents! Stacey gave me a bottle of wine, Renee and Greg gave me a Starbucks gift card, Erin and Stacy and Jon gave me a box of Lush bath bombs, Dave gave me a beautiful Silpada necklace that I wanted and Gia and Jason gave me the matching earrings. I loved everything! And since it was my birthday celebration, we all had dessert. Gia wanted them to sing Happy Birthday to me and our waiter politely said that they didn't do that but he did bring me my Creme Brulee with a candle and Happy Birthday written on the plate and everyone did sing Happy Birthday. Of course they were all making jokes about me blowing out the candle and had me laughing so hard that I could hardly blow it out! It was a great night - good food, good wine, GREAT friends and lots of laughs! Thank you Dave, Gia, Jason, Renee, Greg, Stacy, Jon, Erin and Stacey for making my 39th birthday such a special one!

Walking in to the restaurant and just realizing I had been surprised!

My awesome friend, Gia
Jason and Gia Ellis
Gia and Jill
Jon and Stacy Hamrick
Erin Smith and Stacey Reynolds
Renee and Greg Miles
Opening my presents
This is the necklace Dave gave me.
Renee and Greg's card was hilarious and perfect!

Lush Bath Bombs - I've been told they are the bomb!

Greg with his new manly confetti chest hair

Erin and Jill
Thanking everyone for my gifts!

Gia and Jill
Renee, Jill and Greg
Jon, Jill and Stacy
Jason, Jill and Gia


Ellis Family said...

GREAT post! Great night and great pics! The ONLY thing missing from here is how we CLEARED the room and how the table behind us HATED us and was PISSED when they couldn't talk on their cell phone during dinner! LOL Happy B-day and here's to a FAB 39th year! You are a MILF and I luv ya lots! :)

Name: The Bryant Family said...

What fun! The photos look great. YOU look great! And whatever friend gave you Lush bath bombs is awesome. They are one of my most favorite things!