Saturday, October 31, 2009


Grace and Zachary had a fun time trick-or-treating this year since Don and Rebecca were here. We decided instead of one of us staying home and handing out candy, that we would all go and take the kids around the neighborhood. We started at our next door neighbors, the O'Day's and went from there. We were surprised that there weren't more kids out this year. It was actually kind of quiet but they had fun going from house to house to see what goodies they might get. About the time their pumpkins were almost full, they got tired and we headed home.

Grace and Zach with Annette O'Day

We ran into Zach's friend, Ellie, and her mom right before heading home.

This was the last house we went to and it was decorated so cool! Check out the upstairs windows.


Cherie said...

That house is really cute! Hey Jill, I just saw your comment that you had written on our FL post. We had so much fun... RLG International is the company Kalani works for now. They are a business consulting firm out of Vancuver Canada. We love the company! It has been such a great transition from the military. And the health care program is amazing! Anyway, I hope that answered your question..:) plus a little more. Talk to you soon.

The Lowe Family said...

i love that indian costume, sooo precious. i'm gonna try to tal kkora into doing something like that next year!