Friday, October 9, 2009

On Our Way to Disney

We finally left yesterday afternoon. Dave had to fly yesterday morning and then wrap up some things at work. I was home running around like a chicken with my head cut off, doing laundry and trying to pack for all of us. Dave finally got home and we got the car loaded just in time to pick up the kids from school. After we picked them up, we went to ITT to get our fabulously priced Military Disney tickets. And then......we were on our way.

We punched in Disney's Pop Century Resort into Lola, the GPS and off we went. Somewhere around Elizabethtown, Lola told us to take this ferry road. We get to a stop sign and cross bar and there was this little body of water and a car ferry that could take 1 or 2 cars at a time across. I had never seen anything exactly like it but we pulled up and drove onto the little ferry boat and went across. The kids were scared at first but then they thought it was really neat!

We decided to stop and eat dinner at Cracker Barrel in Florence, SC. After a yummy "breakfast for dinner", we decided to call it a night and get a hotel room and get a good night's sleep.

We are on the road again and are right outside Savannah. We just stopped at a rest area for a potty break and can I just say that I am sooooo over kids and bathrooms. Grace said she didn't need to go but I wanted her to try since we were stopping. Zachary had to poop.....AGAIN!!!! He already pooped at the hotel before we left. I asked him if he really needed to poop again and he nodded his head yes and said "I think today is going to be a pooping day." Joy! So, I was in the stall with Zach, Grace was out washing her hands when she said that there were no paper towels. I asked her if there was a dryer (I knew there was because I could hear it) and she said, "yes, but it's not working". I said "Grace, I can hear it" and she said "oh yeah, it is". Meanwhile Zach was still pooping and I was telling him to hurry up. Grace kept asking if he was done yet and I finally told her that when he got done, we would come out of the bathroom stall. It's not like we were just hanging out in there for the fun of it. Finally, he got finished, we washed hands and are back in the car. Grace says she is not going with us the next time we stop because it takes him too long. I must say, I agree with her.

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~D said...

Poor Zach!! I was laughing out loud at this! ~Deanna