Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hollywood Studios

Today was our last day at the Disney parks and we spent it at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was lunch time when we got there so while Dave went to get us fast passes for Toy Story Maynia, the kids and I went to ABC Commissary and ordered lunch. Then we went to the American Idol Experience which we had never been to before. It was really fun. I was amazed at how the stage looked just like the real American Idol stage and even the host reminded me of Ryan Seacrest. We saw three girls (actually 2 women and 1 girl) perform and the one girl, Nicole White, was really good. She had actually tried out for American Idol before and was told they already had their "blonde country girl". She won and went on to the finals later this evening where she should have won. Instead a little 16 year-old boy from England won. I personally thought Nicole was the better of the two and she did come in 2nd place but that wasn't good enough to get the "golden ticket" which would let her go to the head of the line at any American Idol audition in the country. Dave says "waaaa waaaa waaaa". He thought she was a little bland and a bit too chubby for American Idol. He's the Simon Cowell of the family.

We had a fun-filled day of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Star Tours, Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show, face painting, Block Party Bash, "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" Movie Set Adventure, Toy Story Maynia and a great dinner at Mama Melroses.

Zach intently watching The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Zachary and Grace love to get their faces painted. This time Zachary chose to be Darth Maul from Star Wars.....

and Grace chose Tinker Bell!

To our surprise, Grace and Zachary actually got out and danced at The Block Party Bash.

Playing in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure. They love this place. They could run around and play in here for hours!

Taking a rest while the kids play

Lights, Motor, Action Extreme Stunt Show

In line for Toy Story Maynia

After dinner, we headed back to the resort for one last swim before leaving tomorrow.

Pop Century

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