Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday Night Card Making

While Dave was deployed to Africa, Gia and I got together every Friday night to make cards. We would take turns going to each other's house, the kids would play and we would order pizza and make cards for hours! Sometimes we would get on a roll and make a bunch and other times, we would spend most of the night talking and only making a few. We have not gotten together much for our "Friday Night Card Making" since Dave has been home but we did last night. Gia, Ava and Ethan came over around 5 and we ordered pizza, opened a bottle of wine and got busy.

This is how the table looks by the time we are finished - messy!

These are the cards I made Friday night.


The Lowe Family said...

those are stinkin AWESOME!! i love that ur so creative. i need to hang around you more or atleast rub up against you more.

Ellis Family said...

This is a FUN Fri. ritual! We need to keep it up, husbands home or not! When J is back they can play Xbox and "watch the kids" while we card make! :)