Saturday, October 10, 2009

Animal Kingdom

We spent our first day at the parks at Animal Kingdom. We were hoping that coming to Disney World at this time of year would be slightly cooler. But just our luck, they are having record high temperatures this week and it is HOT!!! But even though it is as hot as it is in July, we had a very successful first day.
Dave and I decided first thing this morning that we were just going to relax and enjoy things and not rush and try to do everything since we have been here so many times. Because the animals seem to be more active in the mornings, we did the Kilimanjaro Safaris first. We saw so many different kinds of animals and Grace and Zachary were so much more excited and attentive this time. They really enjoyed it. We also rode Mt. Everest, or the Yeti ride as we call it, and it was the first time for Grace and Zach. Zach has never been tall enough to ride it until this trip and even though Grace was tall enough when we were here this past December, we couldn't talk her in to riding it. So, they both rode it today but they weren't too crazy about it. Zach had his eyes closed most of the time but at least they rode it. And of course, we had to get them a Yeti stuffed animal since they were brave enough to ride it.

Kilimanjaro Safari

We love watching the gorillas. This one looked like he was meditating.

Comparing our hand prints to that of a 6 year old gorilla.

Tree Lady
This is the tree lady. Dave had seen her before at Disney but neither the kids nor I had and we were just walking along and there she was. She was beautiful and amazing to watch.

They didn't love the Yeti ride but they did love Kali River Rapids I usually jinx myself by saying that I am always the one to get the wettest. Well, today I was bound and determined to not jinx myself. So, I didn't say that and I didn't get the wettest! Oh, I got wet but Dave and Grace definitely got the wetter! U According to Zach, they got drenched! If you asked Grace and Zach what their favorite thing today was, they both definitely say Kali River Rapids.

Taking a break!

Inside the tree of It's a Bug's Life
We enjoyed relaxing in Africa while listening to authentic African music. Then we enjoyed riding the train over to Rafiki's Planet Watch where we got to pet goats and sheep and we also saw a llama and some other animals. While watching the animals, I almost got worried that I was going to have to do an impromptu lesson about the birds and the bees. There were several male goats that wanted the attention of this one little female goat. A couple of the males would go head to head fighting over her and every now and then, she would get off by herself for a few minutes but they would follow her and mount her. It was pretty funny to watch. While there, we got to meet Pocahontas, Rafiki and Jimminy Cricket. Dave even had his picture taken with Pocahontas because he has a thing for Pocahontas. And she was gorgeous!

Zachary was so tired. Dave went to get them a snack and Zach just layed on this little wall listening to the music while waiting on Dave to get back.

Doing a scavenger hunt at Rafiki's Planet Watch

Rafiki smothered Grace at first. It was pretty funny!

Grace, Rafiki and Zach

Grace thought Pocahantas was beautiful! (So did Dave!)

Grace, Pocahontas and Zach

Grace, Jimminy Cricket and Zach

Once we finished up at Rafiki's Planet Watch, it was time for the park to close and we drove over to Animal Kingdom Lodge to have dinner at Sanaa. This is a new restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge DVC resort and it was delicious! It is African food with an Indian flare and is now Dave's favorite restaurant.

We ended the day with a late night swim in the pool and then we were all ready for bed.

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