Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zach and The Banshees

Today was Zachary's first game of the season and first year playing soccer! He has been so excited and ready for his first game and they actually did pretty well. They were all so cute and it was so much fun to watch! We tied 2-2 and Zach's friend, Ethan, scored one of the goals. It was not a bad way to start off the season and the best part was that they had fun.

Zachary with his friend Ethan

Everyone trying to get the ball

Zach is #4 and he's going after that ball!

Go Ethan go!

Great game Banshees!

Grace, Ava and Carly cheering on the Banshees

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~Erin said...

The boys look great!! Those three girls though...TROUBLE!!!!