Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet Gulliver, Our New Baby Gnome

A few weeks ago, Gia and I had some fun one night "taking" a few things that belonged to our friends. Jessica loves peacocks and had gotten this really cute metal peacock for her porch, which we took. Stacy is the next Martha Stewart, although she is much sweeter, and she makes all these cute little things like gnomes and ladybugs and skeletons out of patio pave stones. Gia and I took the gnomes off of both hers and Erin's porches. We took them all back to Gia's house and took pictures for their owners to see.

Well, Stacy and Erin had some fun of their own. It appears that the gnomes we took, Gerome and Gerry, somehow birthed some gnome babies and Erin and Stacy were forced to find new homes for them. When I came home from running errands, this is what was on my front porch leaning up against the front door.............

Meet baby Gulliver

Even though Stacy and Erin didn't feel as if they could keep the new baby gnomes, they evidently still had a hard time parting with them, so Erin dropped Gulliver off at my house for Stacy and Stacy dropped baby Gunther off at Gia's house for Erin.

Erin "abandoning" baby Gulliver; she doesn't look too heart broken to me.

Not only did they leave a baby gnome on my doorstep, they also felt the need for payback and decided to take something with them. They wanted to take all of our porch furniture but were afraid that they might actually get arrested so they just took my cute little welcome sign and a big huge vase from Gia's front porch.
Erin and Stacy with their "goods".

Gulliver on his new porch

Gia and I never imagined all the craziness and fun that would come out of our "gnome-napping" but we have all had lots of laughs over it and I doubt the fun is over. It seems that everywhere we go now, we see something about gnomes. Here we are earlier today at an OWC Welcome Aboard. Right when we walked in they had a little garden table set up with this gnome doormat. We tried to figure out a way to discreetly take it but decided to just take a picture instead.

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