Friday, September 11, 2009

Freedom Walk

Each year the students, teachers and parents at Johnson Primary School do a Freedom Walk in remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001. Everyone is encouraged to wear red, white and blue and we walk around the campuses of the elementary and intermediary schools. Many of the classes wave flags and some wear hats that they have made in honor of this day. This morning, I went and walked with Zachary and his class as this was his first year to do it and Dave went and walked with Grace and her class.

The bells rang at 5 different times of the morning to signify each major event that occurred that morning 8 years ago.
8:46 - Flight 11 hits the World Trade Center
9:03 - Flight 175 hits the World Trade Center
9:45 - Flight 77 hits the Pentagon
10:05 - Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania
10:28 - The World Trade Center collapses.

This afternoon when Grace and Zachary got home from school, we talked about the Freedom Walk and what it meant and I read to them a book that I got at the World Trade Center site when I was in New York, The Little Chapel That Stood.

Zachary writing in his journal before the Freedom Walk

Grant and Zachary lining up for the Freedom Walk

Zachary and some of his friends
Zachary with Ms. Miller and his class on the Freedom Walk

Mrs. Quiroz's Kindergarten Class

Grace and Carly lining up for the Freedom Walk

Grace walking with her class

Grace and Carly with Mrs. Snyder and some of her classmates

Mrs. Snyder's 1-2 Class

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